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Mental health is a global crisis with roughly a billion individuals affected worldwide. As a group of young entrepreneurs, Face of Blanks will have as its mission to help in the fight against the mental health epidemic.

Two of the biggest factors exacerbating this epidemic are a lack of resources allocated to treating mental health illnesses, and a severe stigma surrounding mental health issues. As such we are going to leverage the revenue, platform, and artistic merits of Face of Blanks to combat these two key problems.

Our Goal

We want to bridge the gap between nonprofits and NFTs. We’ve seen millions of dollars made in this space and have the mission of allowing nonprofits to expand their fundraising efforts. Our collection – Face of Blanks – is meant to destigmatize mental illness while fundraising those who support the cause.

Each series of 100 NFTs will be linked to a separate mental health nonprofit, which will receive funds from the mint and royalties from secondary sales.

What we do

We are using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate symbolic characters depicting the face of various mental disorders. Each frame is rendered using a generative adversarial network and used as the basis for the next evolution. The results are truly astounding; combining different artistic styles with symbolic themes makes each piece 100% unique.


A: An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”. It represents a unique digital asset that is stored on and secured by the blockchain.

A: Face of Blanks is a collection of art series working towards linking mental health nonprofits with NFTs. Our mission is to support various mental health nonprofits with art fully generated by advanced ML algorithms. The goal of the collections is to both raise awareness for the numerous mental health illnesses while financially supporting those who are also working towards the mental health community.

A: A Face of Blank is a piece of generative digital artwork in the form of an NFT. The collection will be minted and traded on OpenSea, and can be purchased with Etherium (ETH). Each Face of Blank is completely unique and it represents an AI’s interpretation of a mental health illness. The rarity of the piece is directly coorelated to the relative frequencies of each mental health illness.

A: Each collection is dedicated to a mental health nonprofit, meaning that 25% of every dollar spent in the primary and secondary market goes to the corresponding nonprofit of the series. In order to build passive income for the nonprofits, the amount of pieces in a series is small. This will encourage a higher floor price and more action in the secondary market, so buying off of the mint is the best option.

On top of actively supporting nonprofits, you will gain access to a community of mental health activists. Some of the proceeds from the secondary market will go back out the community to pay for community members’ mental health bills (ie. medication, therapy, etc.) In addition, we will allocate part of the primary funds towards floor sweeping other mental health NFTs and airdropping them to holders.

A: Mint of the first 10 pieces will begin on January 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST and run throughout the month to ensure each of our members will have an opportunity to buy one without having to stress making one drop date. Our collection of 100 will be spread across 10 drops of 10 pieces. The purpose of this is to reduce the mental health strain of buying on drop while accommodating times for collectors from across the world. Updates on the individual drops will be posted on twitter and discord!


Phase 1

The first phase of this project is spreading the mission. Mental illness is a global issue that impacts millions of individuals. Our goal is to connect mental health nonprofits with collections of NFTs; each collection of Face of Blanks will support a different 501(c) nonprofit. While spreading the message, we are working hard to build high-quality art. We plan to work with the community and give important announcements through Twitter and Discord, so stay tuned!

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Phase 2

Building up a passionate and philanthropic community is essential to this project’s successful launch. In addition to the minting costs, nonprofits will receive funding from sales through the secondary market. The first collection will have 100 unique pieces, with several Face of Blanks given to active community members. 

Phase 3

As a community of mental health advocates, we plan on having resources available. On top of financial contributions to nonprofits, we plan on supporting the community in any way possible. 25% of all royalties will go to a community fund towards supporting the mental health of members. This may be alloted to cover costs of some community members’ counseling, therapy, medication, etc.

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Phase X

Stay tuned as we continue laying down the bricks for our roadmap! We’d also love to hear your input. If you have any recommendations for the future of the project, feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter or Discord!

Rarity map

Mental illnesses are diverse, and each have unique qualities. Most individuals experience symptoms from one or more mental illnesses in their lifetime. The pieces in this collection are abstract representations of mental illnesses, and their purpose is to educate about and destigmatize mental health.

The rarity of each piece is dependent on two main factors: series number and mental illness type. The 100 NFTs per collection will represent different mental health issues, as below. For example, series no.1 will have only 1 “Face of Schizophrenia“.


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